Autowatch Vehicle Security Systems

When it comes to vehicle security, Autowatch is unmatched. Millions of Autowatch security systems have been installed in business and personal vehicles without one successful drive-away theft! Our vehicle security simply cannot be beat. Why Autowatch security for your vehicle or fleet? Autowatch systems are easy to use, include fail safe technology and are the most secure security systems in the market.

Police custom electronic components

Vehicle Security Systems - Police Fleet
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Autowatch stands as a trusted leader in delivering custom electronic solutions for police and commercial fleets. Our cutting-edge, plug-and-play products are built to streamline vehicle preparation, ensuring swift readiness for duty. Trusted by law enforcement agencies, we specialize in enhancing vehicle performance, safety, and responsiveness with minimal installation effort.

Key benefits

  • Secure Idle Protection (S.A.I.F): With S.A.I.F technology, keep your vehicles secure and operational during idle periods. This allows for quick responses without sacrificing security, ensuring readiness at all times
  • DRL (Daytime Running Lights) Override Systems: Gain full control over your vehicle’s lighting, ensuring optimal visibility and compliance with operational protocols
  • Weapon Storage Inhibit Systems (CANbus): Enhance the security of your arsenal with sophisticated weapon storage solutions, leveraging CANbus technology to ensure only authorized access under specific conditions
  • Steering Switch Output Reconfiguration Device (CANbus): Customize the functionality of steering wheel controls to suit your operational needs, making critical functions more accessible and intuitive during high-pressure scenarios.
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