Autowatch represents the pinnacle of vehicle security and innovation. Originating in South Africa, we have expanded our reach and expertise to serve a global audience, with a significant presence in Canada. Our journey began in 1993 when Autowatch UK started supplying high-quality, Autowatch-branded vehicle security systems to specialist auto-electrical companies. Our equipment, with few exceptions, is meticulously designed and manufactured in our own factory in Durban, South Africa, by our parent company, PFK Electronics (PTY) Limited. Established in 1985 by a visionary group of engineers, PFK Electronics brought unparalleled expertise in military electronics to the automotive security industry.

Autowatch Canada and Worldwide

A legacy of excellence in canada

IBC Canada

Since establishing Autowatch Canada in 1997, we’ve set new standards in the vehicle security system industry. We proudly hold the distinction of implementing the first vehicle security system in Canada to be approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada under the ULC-S338/98 standard. With over 1,000,000 vehicles protected and zero reported thefts, our track record is unmatched. Our dedication to excellence has seen us evolve into a multifaceted distributor of advanced automotive technologies. Our team is committed to enhancing fleet safety and security while maintaining compliance with industry standards.

Our commitment

Autowatch is the undisputed leader in vehicle security, providing the most innovative and efficient products and solutions. Key reasons to trust Autowatch with your vehicle include:


Established in 1997, we are Canada’s longest-serving provider, offering unmatched experience and the most advanced industry insights.


Autowatch is proudly certified by IBC/ULC 8338.98 and is TASSA recognised


Autowatch participates in the most successful theft deterrent program in North America (MPI -mandatory immobilizer program)


Autowatch has built up an extensive network of respected installers across Canada.

law enforcement

Autowatch plays a pivotal role in empowering law enforcement agencies. By providing them with superior tools and resources, we support their efforts in maintaining public safety and security. Our involvement with law enforcement is a clear indication that Autowatch is here to stay.

Autowatch - law enforcement agencies