We promise that our installations won’t affect your vehicle’s warranty and we guarantee your unit & installation costs back should your vehicle get stolen.* ” 

When it comes to vehicle security, Autowatch is unmatched. Millions of Autowatch security systems have been installed in business and personal vehicles without one successful drive-away theft! Our vehicle security simply cannot be beat. Why Autowatch security for your vehicle or fleet? Autowatch systems are easy to use, include fail safe technology and are the most secure security systems in the market.

Autowatch Security Systems Product Overview
* Specifically excludes instances of tow-aways, hijackings, or any theft not involving the bypassing of the security system autonomously.

Which product is right for me

Browse our Autowatch security system matcher to see which product is best suited for your vehicle.

Autowatch compatibility

Autowatch has trained its installers to fit Autowatch solutions into a wide range of vehicles. Please contact us to locate the nearest installer to you.

Vehicle Security System
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