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Why choose Autowatch

Autowatch is the undisputed leader in the vehicle security industry, providing the most innovative and efficient products and solutions. Key reasons to trust Autowatch with your vehicle include:

Longevity Autowatch Canada


Established in 1997, we are Canada’s longest-serving provider, offering unmatched experience and the most advanced industry insights.

Autowatch certified


Autowatch is proudly certified by IBC/ULC 8338.98 and is TASSA recognised

Autowatch quality service


Autowatch participates in the most successful theft deterrent program in North America (MPI -mandatory immobilizer program)

Autowatch network Canada


Autowatch has built up an extensive network of respected installers across Canada.

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Autowatch statistics

Autowatch has been assisting Canadians with automotive solutions since 1997. During that time, we have made an indelible mark in the vehicle security industry, saving thousands of consumers from the unthinkable.

± 750 000

The number of Autowatch products installed acoss Canada to date

± 720

Lives potentially saved by installing Autowatch Breathalok

± 0

Number of Autowatch Ghost II anti-theft systems intercepted to date

At Autowatch, we believe that correctly installed security systems constitute the first line of defense for our country, as stolen vehicles usually evolve into future sources of crime. ” 

What do our customers think

Of the thousands of satisfied customers, here is what just a few have to say about Autowatch:

What is Autowatch up to

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