Autowatch Vehicle Security Systems

When it comes to vehicle security, Autowatch is unmatched. Millions of Autowatch security systems have been installed in business and personal vehicles without one successful drive-away theft! Our vehicle security simply cannot be beat. Why Autowatch security for your vehicle or fleet? Autowatch systems are easy to use, include fail safe technology and are the most secure security systems in the market.

Autowatch 573 Immobilizer

Autowatch 573 Immobilizer - Unmatched Vehicle Protection
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The Autowatch 573 Immobilizer stands as a top-tier vehicle security system, offering unmatched protection through its innovative immobilizer technology. It combines advanced security features with user convenience, making it a highly reliable and effective choice for safeguarding vehicles against theft.

Key benefits

  • Insurance and Standards Compliance: Approved by top Canadian bodies under ULC-S338-98, highlighting its global security compliance
  • Warranty and Support: Offers a three-year, unlimited mileage warranty and 24/7 technical support, showcasing Autowatch’s commitment to customer satisfaction

Product Certification

  • Professional Installation: Set up by trained technicians, ensuring adherence to top security standards and peace of mind
  • Unique Override Code: The only Canadian ULC-S338-98 approved immobilizer with a unique override code for guaranteed vehicle access
  • Inconspicuous Design: Proven discreet and effective with zero thefts across 250,000 protected vehicles
  • High International Standards: Meets the highest global standards for vehicle immobilizers, assuring top-notch protection
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