Autowatch Vehicle Security Systems

When it comes to vehicle security, Autowatch is unmatched. Millions of Autowatch security systems have been installed in business and personal vehicles without one successful drive-away theft! Our vehicle security simply cannot be beat. Why Autowatch security for your vehicle or fleet? Autowatch systems are easy to use, include fail safe technology and are the most secure security systems in the market.


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Ghost-II has revolutionised vehicle protection by seamlessly integrating with your vehicle’s electronic management system, making it untraceable, and immobilizes your vehicle without the need for external indicators or alterations. What also sets Ghost-II apart is its TASSA (Theft Avoidance Security Systems Association) Verification, which is a testament to its quality and security. To deactivate, This sophisticated system requires a unique, customizable sequence of actions to start the car, making it virtually impossible for thieves to bypass, even with the keys in hand.

Key benefits

  • TASSA Verification: Your assurance of quality and security, verified by leading experts.
  • Vehicle Marking System: A cutting-edge feature recognized by insurance companies and linked to the International Security Register, offering an additional layer of theft deterrence.

Product Certification

  • Trusted Installers: Our network of installers is not only skilled but also vetted, undergoing rigorous background checks, including annual police clearance, to ensure your installation is performed safely and securely.
  • User-Friendly: Designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, ensuring ease of use for all.
  • Dependable: Backed by Autowatch’s flawless record of theft prevention, powered by the latest in security technology.
  • Widely Chosen: The preferred choice for drivers seeking comprehensive vehicle security.
  • Trusted by Insurance Companies: Recognized and respected by insurance providers, potentially lowering your premiums, and offering enhanced peace of mind.
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