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About Autowatch Canada

We are proud to announce there has been zero reported thefts with over 1,000,000 vehicles protected by Autowatch theft-deterrent systems! We achieved the first vehicle security system to be approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and tested by the Underwriter’s Laboratory of Canada in 1998 under the ULC-S338/98 standard.

Established in 1997, Autowatch Canada has always been dedicated to excellence. Since inception, Autowatch has evolved in to a multi- faceted distributor of advanced automotive technologies. Our friendly and professional staff are committed to helping your fleet become more safe and secure, all while keeping compliance top of mind. Contact us and become part of our growing family today!

Local: (519) 265-9592

Toll Free: (800) 646-3132

Administration: questions@autowatchcanada.com

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Always Secure with Autowatch.


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