Alarm and Immobilizer Combo 457

457RLi Flagship System

Alarm and Immobilizer Combo 457

follow site A flagship system, packed with many features and options, including:
  • A run-on and remote trunk release and configurable for vehicle horn or siren outputs.
  • Various window closure timer options and a number of sensor options.
  • 2 on-board circuit cuts.
  • 3rd circuit cut is activated via the Power Line Communication technology (PLC), which allows for a far more secure installation.
  • 2 four-button remotes:
    • encrypted, rolling-code remotes (so thieves can’t copy the code to disarm your device).
  • Unique override code (in an emergency, the system can be overridden via a unique ignition key sequence).

click Our flagship Alarm and Immobilizer combo system is the 457 RLi.

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source This system will:

  • Immobilize your vehicle automatically after 30 seconds.
  • Sound the alarm if tampered with.
  • The alarm can sound from the horn or from a recommended siren.
  • Disable two/three major circuits.


go here how to get free viagra The 457RLi comes equipped with:
  • all black wiring to confuse potential thieves.
  • four key fobs.
  • unique override code incase key fobs are lost or stolen.
  • 2 year product warranty.
Product: Immobilizer alarms
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