Autowatch Alcohol Breathalyzer

WAB 100 Alcohol Ignition Immobilizer

Autowatch Alcohol Breathalyzer The Autowatch WAB 100 Alcohol Ignition Interlock Breathalyzer with 710 Vehicle Blocking System prevents a vehicle from starting and being driven by anyone whose blood/alcohol content is higher than a predetermined level.

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  • Wireless Alcohol Breathalyzer.
  • Pass/Fail display.
  • Driver change reset with LED display.
  • Fuel cell technology.
  • GSM notification via SMS option.
  • Tamper-proof electronics with circumvention detection.
  • Downloadable data file.
  • 2 circuit immobilization.
  • Programmable re-arm time out.
  • 2-year product warranty. To have this alcohol Ignition interlock breathalyzer installed in your vehicle please visit our authorized dealer page to locate the dealer closest to you.
Product: Alcohol Breathalysers
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