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The First Vehicle Security System Approved By the Insurance Bureau of Canada!

About Autowatch Canada

http://farmerskart.com/?x=name-brand-female-cialis Established in 1997, we are proud to announce there has been zero reported thefts with over 1,000,000 vehicles protected by Autowatch theft-deterrent systems! We achieved the first vehicle security system to be approved by the Insurance Bureau of Canada and tested by the Underwriter's Laboratory of Canada in 1998 under the ULC-S338/98 standard.
We strongly believe that vehicle theft is a detrimental crime that effects Canada and the world as a whole. Most often, stolen vehicles are exported to other countries and are involved with acts of terrorism, drug and human trafficking, and gun running, to name a few. Therefore, we see certified vehicle security imperative to the first line of national defence. Autowatch is a worldwide leader in approved vehicle security, with insurance-approved systems in over 32 countries. Our main business is government and insurance-approved security systems with override codes that enable a vehicle to start even if key fobs have been lost or stolen. Autowatch is a 1st tier international supplier of OEM systems. Our products are manufactured by PFK Electronics in South Africa who have deep roots in military electronic design and production. Our background and understanding is what has enabled our products to meet the highest standards globally by government and insurance organizations for anti-theft devices.


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