S.A.I.F. Running/Idle-Protection Emergency Vehicle Immobilizer

S.A.I.F. Running/Idle-Protection Emergency Vehicle Immobilizer

The SAIF was designed specifically for emergency vehicles. It secures the unattended vehicle while idling. If an unauthorized person attempts to drive the vehicle, the system will shut down immediately.

Be assured the vehicle is SAIF in an emergency situation.

SAIF-2 for push-to-start ignition.

SAIF-3 for keyed ignition.


  • Shuts down vital circuits upon intrusion.
    • Gear shift
    • Gun rack
    • Extra output of your choice (e.g. Trunk, video vault, etc.).
  • Automatic system arming.
  • Automatic (recommended) or manual disarming.
  • Flashing LED display when armed (optional).
  • Anti-tamper security housing.
  • 2-year product warranty.

How to use the SAIF security:

  • Remove key.
  • Vehicle is idling and secure.
  • Return to vehicle.
  • Insert key.
  • Press brake.
  • Drive normally.

Our vehicle immobilizers shut down vital circuits upon intrusion helping to prevent theft.  Over a million systems installed with zero reported drive-away thefts.  To have this immobilizer installed in your vehicle please visit our authorized dealer page to locate the dealer closest to you.

Product: Immobilizers
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