Motorcylce Alarm/ Immobilizer 500RLi

motorcycle alarm immobilizer with secure override code

Bikewatch 500RLi Alarm / Immobilizer

With the Autowatch anti-theft device, we can assure you your motorcycle is right where you parked it upon your return.

What does the alarm / immobilizer do?

  • Disables 2 vital circuits so the engine won’t start while armed.
  • Has an early warning “chirp” if the bike senses light movement or a bump.
  • Heavy movement or bump will trigger full alarm (109 dB siren).


  • Large button fob allows easy use when wearing gloves.
    • Unit comes with 2 fobs.
  • System can be disarmed with your unique override code if the fob is stolen or lost.

To have this standard engine immobilizer anti theft system installed in your vehicle please visit our authorized dealer page to locate the dealer closest to you.

Product: Immobilizer alarms
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