Vehicle Shutdown Immobilizer 211Hi

Anti-Hijack vehicle immobilizer

Vehicle Shutdown Immobilizer 211Hi

Autowatch’s 211Hi has been engineered to protect your vehicle in even the most dangerous situations.

In the hands of the wrong person, your vehicle and/or its load can become a weapon with catastrophic potential. Tested by the Department of Homeland Security, Autowatch achieved the fastest and most secure shutdown of all systems being tested.

If you have been forced out of your vehicle, caught off guard and/or the driver has stolen your keys, Autowatch’s 211Hi will ensure you locate the stolen vehicle in 3 minutes or less. This system shuts down the vehicle the same way your engine running out of gas would.

The 211Hi:

  • is microprocessor controlled.
  • has safe, programmable engine shutdown time of 1,2 or 3 minutes.
  • shutdown activation delay option.
  • visual and audible notification in shutdown process.
  • has hijack cancel button for driver safety/ protection.
  • is controlled remotely by GPS to initiate or cancel shutdown process.
  • has immediate hijack notification to dispatch center or fleet manager etc…
  • has an optional 2nd vital circuit disablement feature.



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